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【Registration】 How do I register my account? 2017/04/20

Step1Find the Login on the page left-hand side, then choose theRegistration, and fill all the information, then choose the Sign up button.

Step2Please login your registration E-MAIL addresses , check that you have received an confirmation letter, then your registration is completed.

Step3Login your Account/Password, then choose the Upload, and fill all the information about your works, just choose the Upload button and finish.


【Registration】 Does the competition need "Registration Fee" ? 2017/04/20

No registration fee is required.

【Registration】 How many works can I submit? 2017/04/20

There is no limit to the quantity of works submit. You can submit each category and also register as individual and as groups both.

【Registration】 How to fill in “Entity Using the Design”? 2017/04/20

If your work is consigned to be created by a company or institution, the name of the company or institution has to be filled in. Ex. A company consigns you to create a poster design for their celebration of anniversary. “A company” has to be filled in “Entity Using the Design.”

【Registration】 If my work is formed by a few pieces of works, can I submit it? 2017/04/20

Yes. Please choose “Series” and fill in the total quantity of works in the “Categories”.


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