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* 2017

Scientifical Introduction

優選 Distinction,

Announcing poster for the scientific introduction in the subject area of communication sciences by Dr. Bernhard Uske at the Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen.  The typical french fries dish is oval, 9 cm wide, 14 cm long and 3 cm high. It impresses with its low production and logistics costs. Due to its shape the dish provides good hold and it is usable both: you can hold it in the hand as well as lay it on the table. Thanks to the high rim no sausage pieces fall down and its fat-repellent material prevents the seepage of sauce.  Screenprinted with special colours Anthrazit and Gold.
by 德國 Thomas Kühnen

Seen.Smog, 不見不散

臺灣優選 Taiwan Distinction,優選 Distinction,

by 台灣 陳俊瑋

Looking for alternatives

優選 Distinction,

The poster is a paradox that invites the viewer to make a reflection about how we could to take advantage of the energies that can be obtained from natural sources. The graphic proposal shows as the main character the sun: renewable energy that is obtained by taking advantage of the electromagnetic radiation that comes from this Star.
by 墨西哥 Naandeyé

With Mouth, With Peace.

優選 Distinction,

In Chinese, there is a “mouth”(口) near the “peace” (和). Only with mouth can peace be realized.
by 中國大陸 黄锐

水殁 Flooding

優選 Distinction,

by 台灣 賴岳興

Matchsticks Forest Poster Series (a) & (b)

銅獎 Bronze medal,

Inspiration: Suspension bridges, high-rise buildings, huge resorts. Undergoing rapidly development in Jordan; nevertheless, we still deforesting the green, consuming matchsticks and abuse it! What a Parallel Equation! Revelation comes across in any sort. It comes as a heartache consideration for the unstopping desertification in my homeland. Concept: One tree makes a million matchsticks; one matchstick burns a million trees. Substances: Worthless left over matchstick was the main afflatus in this work. Every single entity of a matchstick stands out as a unique character, a piece of art. It resembles a shape of a living being (Tree). Process: A composition out of matchsticks was a complicated project. Working with such fragile and sensitive elements was a huge challenge. Thousands of matchsticks used to accomplish these visuals. A small blow, unintended move could destroy days of working.
by 美國 Wesam Mazhar Haddad

回忆▪殇 / Memory·Regret

優選 Distinction,

by 中國大陸 隋浩然


優選 Distinction,

OH WOW is a Meisterschüler Art Exhibition of the University of Arts in Bremen and exhibited in the Weserburg Museum of modern Art Bremen. 17 Artists are showing their works in this group exhibition
by 德國 Sven Lindhorst-Emme

A World Without Boundaries

Poster for the international competition Freedom of Movement. Barbed wire, symbol of repressive, unhuman boundaries, trespassed by desperate people risking their life for a better future.
by 加拿大 Nelu Wolfensohn


優選 Distinction,

This is a poster meant for kids. The idea is to create lovely and friendly characters being affected by the oil pipes and leaks. To have a magical enviroment invaded by dark tubes . Pipes-off is inspired by the english words Back-off.
by 薩爾瓦多 Male Cuellar


臺灣優選 Taiwan Distinction,優選 Distinction,

Clearcutting can have major negative impacts, both for humans and local flora and fauna.The world's rain forests could completely vanish in a hundred years at the current rate of deforestation.
by 台灣 林俊銘


優選 Distinction,

The poster is dedicated to the problem of consumption. Nowadays we can observe significant contrast between poverty and richness. In this context the word "more" has different meanings as expressed from opposite points of view. "More" is an expression of basic human needs (more food, more help, more medical support). From the other hand "more" is a synonym of insatiable richness and lavishness. "More" is a face of today`s world.
by 波蘭 Wojciech Janicki


優選 Distinction,

Nowadays we are facing different social models and attitudes, virtual realities, far opposite opinions. The truth seems to be contrary like a mask.
by 波蘭 Wojciech Janicki

Where's the enemy?

優選 Distinction,

Make Extremism History. Today’s extremists include the 62 people in the world who have as much money as half the world’s population, the industrialists influencing the environmental policies that threaten the future of the human race, the bankers creating an artificially inflated economy for the benefit of speculators and the detriment of everyone else, and the people who use religion as a reason to inspire hatred, violence or war.
by 葡萄牙 Luís Veiga


優選 Distinction,

The main purpose of this work is of wrong social behaviors, and as a result damaging environment seriously. Unfortunately, incorrect removal of plastic wastes poses threat to the lives of creatures in most parts of the globe. I’ve tried to present this social defect to the addressees in a simple while attractive way.
by 伊朗 Farzad Saeedi


優選 Distinction,

by 美國 Draw Down Books

Change for Peace

優選 Distinction,

I think that the cost of building weapons must be used for peace. Why do all this cost war and kill humans? We can contribute to peace and prosperity by reducing the cost of weapons.
by 伊朗 Kazem Bokaei


優選 Distinction,

chernobyl silent deate
by 伊朗 farshad isapuor


評審特別獎 Judges' Special Award,金獎 Gold medal,

by 中國大陸 時澄


優選 Distinction,

by 中國大陸 刘立伟

Water.The Source Of Life

優選 Distinction,

这是一套关于水资源公益环保题材的视觉类试验作品,基于对水资源环境保护为出发点为公益环保相关组织活动而创作。水是无形流动的,呈现出不同形态,同时却孕育生命。利用水的特性,在玻璃上试验描绘出不同的海洋生物形态,并随着水滴由凝聚至散开生物形态也逐渐消失无形有如生命完结。 我们以摄像机来捕捉其变化的过程(每一个生物形态只能持续3~5秒的宝贵时间随后迅速消散)。 我们将生命形态记录捕捉之后制作成了视觉平面作品,仅希望能通过这样一种行为方式来呼吁人们加强环保意识,珍惜水资源。
by 中國大陸 朱碧伟


優選 Distinction,

生命似一片叶子,大自然记录着生命的轨迹 这里是我们赖以生存的家园,山川河流带给我们以无尽美好 时光易逝生命聚散有时,唯独自然永恒 顺着脉络探索生命的意义,犹如迁徙的候鸟奔向远方蓝天 那是自然与生命的回归,共生之美
by 中國大陸 朱碧伟

Who in the Cage

優選 Distinction,

by 中國大陸 胡彦

Prison education

優選 Distinction,

knowledge is happy and open,so we should not put any pressure with children in the process of pursuit knowledge.
by 中國大陸 胡彦

Caring for the elderly

臺灣優選 Taiwan Distinction,優選 Distinction,

The elderly walks slowly just like tortoise and snails, and these had caused a lot of crises and difficulties in their lives. The problem of population aging is getting worse around the world. Therefore, this issue is worth our concern and discussion. Be more patient to the elderly around your life.
by 台灣 鄭怡君


優選 Distinction,

by 台灣 鄭怡君

Art Of The Possible

優選 Distinction,

A series of posters made for the 2017 Spring Sessions art education program open call. The theme was the 5 senses. Illustrations were made by yvonne buchheim. Spring Sessions is an experiential learning program and arts residency based in Amman. The program seeks to bring emerging and established cultural practitioners together to create and share their work and outlooks. The purpose of the sessions is to expand fields of knowledge, foster creative working skills, and encourage participants to question existing paradigms by experimenting outside of traditional modes. The 15-week program consists of a series of workshops and other activities encouraging participants to research and realize, collaboratively or individually, ideas related to the sessions.
by 約旦 Saeed Abu-Jaber

Mural Istanbul 2016

I designed this poster for Mural istanbul street art festival. Mural istanbul Turkey's first mural festival and every year there are various artists from around the world. I used the marker texture with the typography.

The Death of Cities

I designed this poster for contest on urban aesthetics. I explain the disappearance of urban aesthetics through the deterioration of the forms of letters, I wanted to increase the effect of the message by creating contrast with the background


Poster for Jeff-talks. Antilop is a technology-driven creative design studio operating at the intersection of audio-visual performances, moving images and interactive installations.

Köken İçersinde Notlar/Notes in Origin

I designed this poster for Fol Cinema Society. Fol Cinema Society is a Istanbul-based cinema society that values and shares the alternative ways to experience what film and video has to offer, through screenings, talks and events. Notes in Origin includes 10 different samples from experimental Canadian cinema.

please pay attention to food safety

優選 Distinction,

by 中國大陸 Mingliang Li

衛武營 WEIWUYIN 2016

優選 Distinction,

衛武營國家藝術文化中心,由荷蘭「麥肯諾建築師事務所」 法蘭韾.侯班 (Francine Houben) 與台灣羅興華建築師共同設計監造,建築啟發於原生的老榕樹群,連續起伏的曲面屋頂猶如樹冠,其內收納著四大展演空間與半開放的榕樹廣場,流暢的空間伸展自由曲面滑入大地,成為環境地景起伏的一部份。 衛武營 WEIWUYIN 2016 PROGRAM GUIDE 形象海報,目的作為一個銜接介面,在主體建設完成與正式啟動前的階段性概念與展演訊息溝通。規劃以「衛武營」漢字為表現,創造一個合作計畫,邀請不同藝術、設計創作者以不同的感受與角度料理這一主題,直至衛武營國家藝術文化中心正式開幕。洋蔥是計畫的第一個創作單位,取建築體連續曲面表現「衛武營」漢字造型、交錯的雙色圓點是灑落樹蔭間的點點光影、鮮豔顏色的是高雄炙熱陽光印象與建築師對光線的闡述,期許這建築與後續藝術內容的影響如這色彩,生活化地植入一顆實驗、大膽、強烈而充滿生命力的藝術種子於觀者。
by 台灣 黃家賢


銀獎 Silver medal,

Poster for a competition by the german student union. The topic was to design a poster about living conditions of students in Germany. The motive shows a high-rise building of student flats expanding more and more because of less available and affordable flats for students in bigger german cities. It won the 2nd prize of the poster competition.
by 德國 Jan Robert Obst

Stadtlücken Exhibition

評審特別獎 Judges' Special Award,

This poster is part two of a series of three done for the first exhibition of the architecture collective "Stadtlücken" ("Stadtlücken" german for "city gaps") in Stuttgart (Germany). The collective is focused on regaining unused and forgotten places for alternative usage in a more and more overpopulated city to make public living more attractive again. Their architectural work tries to include opinions of Stuttgarts inhabitants and also participates on the awareness of how people want to live in their city.
by 德國 Doll Hahn Obst

please let me live

優選 Distinction,

by 台灣 林芷萱


優選 Distinction,

pacman eating our air. poster against air pollutiuon. Carbon reduction
by 波蘭 max skorwider

Global Warming

優選 Distinction,

Global Warming. A warning against the destruction of the animals.
by 波蘭 Ewa Włostowska


優選 Distinction,

空氣汙染 擷用比利時超現實主義畫家Rene Magritte作品為設計藍本,以諷刺對比的設計表現手法,發展中的國家因工業過度發展,人類不惜汙染自己唯一生存的地球,所產生之矛盾環境,遺害下一代達致無法收拾的地步。 尊重生命 擷用比利時超現實主義畫家Rene Magritte作品為設計藍本,以諷刺對比的設計表現手法,將人類濫殺大自然的動物,縫製奢華炫麗的皮革大衣之不當行為,反思和警惕對動物生命的尊重,所產生莫大的視覺震撼。
by 台灣 陳永基

Pick and Throw

優選 Distinction,

本海報試圖傳達阻止食用魚翅和海洋生物污染的信息。 近年來,因漁業發達,卻也因過度捕撈,對海洋生態產生危害,魚類資源已逼近枯竭,生態鏈已近乎斷裂。 作品中手掌拓印隱喻著如污染繼續下去,未來將會傷害到我們。
by 台灣 王尹伶

Sick Words

優選 Distinction,

Time to break up with sick words ...... and switch to healthy thinking. Under these slogans we have helped change attitudes towards people with mental illness, intellectual disability, and older age issues in the provisions of the nationwide social campaign.
by 波蘭 Jakub Haremza


優選 Distinction,

This work is a poster of independent production. In Hiroshima, there was a sad history of the rabbits who were made into experiment bases.

Meditation in undefined places

優選 Distinction,

This poster was made as a front cover for a short essay about the architecture for meditation. My objective was to represent, in a single image, the spiritual value of the architectural space, similar to the effect a simple walk in the forest. Since the concept of “elevation” is primordial for meditation, the image is composed vertically, living a large space above the character, occupied only by the high tree trunks. The use of ink wash to paint the trees is a lengthy process, since I had to wait for each tree to dry before painting the next one. However, it gives an unique texture to the trunks and, if it wasn’t for the person walking on the bottom, the image would be almost abstract, similar to the inexplicable process of meditation.
by 比利時 Germain Canon

Out of Sight – Out of Mind

優選 Distinction,

Poster made on the problem Electronic Waste – E-waste. A comment on how Millions of tonnes of old electronic goods illegally exported to developing countries, as people dump luxury items. The exponential technological development of recent decades is counterbalanced by the accumulation of electronic waste (e-waste), the world’s fastest growing type of waste. Technology has been at the service of the visionary man and society for many years -and although the gap between countries is wide, and the access to it does not even cover 42% of mankind yet- this has not prevented people from being surrounded by electronic devices in a daily basis, almost in a natural and unquestionable way. It even seems to be an extension of ourselves. But as everything has a beginning and an end, these also have a shelf life and then become one of the biggest problems as opposed to the principles upon there were created. We all contribute daily to the production of e-waste. More than 46 million metric tons per year are generated, averaging 6 kilograms per inhabitant of the planet. WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) may contain harmful chemicals and heavy metals such as beryllium, chromium, cadmium, arsenic, selenium, antimony, mercury and lead, besides gold, silver and copper. Around 60% of e-waste, consists of large and small household appliances, from refrigerators and washing machines to toasters, vacuum cleaners, shaving machines, etc. and 7% is made up of cell phones, computers, printers and other information technology equipment. Electronic waste is full of toxic components that are exposed and react with air, sunshine or rain, emitting chemicals that pollute the air, water and soil. Sooner or later these substances enter our bodies and make us sick. Only 17 % of this waste is recycled in the world. The real challenge is to generate sustainable policies, which improve living conditions and environmental cleanliness through recycling. Recycling generates profits and the transformation of electronic scrap generates resources for manufacturing. According to the United Nations University, a change in consumer attitudes could also reduce the problem. Evaluating prices, questioning the lifetime or disposability of what we buy. We must create conscious markets, where a responsibility for electronic waste management lies with manufacturers is very present, creating a competitive market amongst similar products. Also as consumers, we must raise awareness and demand a recycling accountability. We must understand that the problem of e-waste should not only be attributed to producers, but also to an economy that encourages exaggerated consumption and planned obsolescence, for the greed of industries and self- indulgence of consumers. We are all involved in this.
by 丹麥 Rikke Hansen

Sohrab and the beginning of the wolf

combination of collage Scratch silk-screen printing
by 伊朗 mahmoud


優選 Distinction,

A state in which the touch of a finger, I expressed by cutting the paper.
by 日本 Kenichi Sato


優選 Distinction,

Giraffe is said to have evolved the neck for a long time to eat the leaves in a high position. And in the future, looking for clean air, the neck has become longer.
by 日本 Takuji Omori

The Shapes of Love

臺灣優選 Taiwan Distinction,優選 Distinction,

我以磁鐵的特性、顏色及組合,來傳達彼此之間的「吸引力」與「愛」不分好壞、有著許多的形式與狀態。除了創作「OPEN」及「LOVE」的字體外,磁鐵彼此之間也像在互動,我們可能是異性戀、同性戀又或是雙性戀,我們可能熱戀、冷戰又或者還在尋覓心儀的對象,也可能是愛著自己的單身貴族。這些都是愛的樣貌,沒有對錯之分。 無論我們的性別、個性、行為被定義為男或女,「愛」都是一樣的。不要試著去定義愛,打開成見,更自信地去愛你所愛!
by 台灣 陳品丞 Chen Ping Chen


優選 Distinction,

by 台灣 藍明潔

1失溫的擁抱 2何去何從 3塵思者

優選 Distinction,

(1)資訊發展蓬勃的年代使訊息的傳遞更為便於與遠在他鄉的親友聯繫、互動拉近彼此距離,但這樣的資訊傳遞方式也造成人 們互動行為的的一大改變,習慣透過螢幕交談,使得人與人之間真實的接觸成為一大障礙,即使是情人擁抱也得騰出一隻 手查看訊息,高彩度的手機屏幕表現網路世界的活絡生氣,對比相擁的人因「心」不在此而顯得生冷、敷衍,表現現代人 的人際關係上本末倒置與捨近求遠的矛盾行為。 (2)大眾搭著持續往下的手扶梯,表現資訊化時代下社會的與盲從氛圍 ,統一畫中人物的造型來象徵人們失去個性與獨立思考的能力,有的遇到問題一切仰賴網路資訊,無法及時應變。有的則是失去警覺性,跳脫不出現實與虛擬,在資訊化的洪流中隨波逐流。 (3)以藝術家羅丹作品「沉思者」的意象作為構圖,原先沉思者這件雕像表達但丁對地獄中的種種罪惡與的人世間的悲劇進行思考,對人類表示同情及愛惜時,內心中卻隱藏著苦悶與強烈的思想矛盾。以眉頭深鎖與肢體上緊張的肌肉線條,表現人物內心中極度壓抑和隱藏的痛苦。 創作上將原先緊繃的肌肉線條改為較為柔順,表情也從嚴肅變成毫不在乎散漫愚鈍,並被挖空了腦袋,象徵著安逸現狀的時下青年,被動的接收垃圾訊息,卻也無能思考的頹靡氛圍。 主標將沉思者的「沉」改為「塵」表示擔憂的盡是一些凡俗 世界的小煩惱。
by 台灣 林士揚


優選 Distinction,

by 中國大陸 陈爽爽

Chernobyl 30

優選 Distinction,

by 中國大陸 邢廷伟

water shortage (1)

優選 Distinction,

成为无源之水对人类一滴眼泪 为了显示严重的水危机
by 伊朗 Ahmad

Soft War

新秀獎 Youth Award,

成为一个对话框,剑  要隐藏软战争
by 伊朗 Ahmad

live together

優選 Distinction,

I made the characteristics of nature and the person's symbiosis a theme. This work was expressed as that was Moebius's circle. The meaning to live together is considered.
by 日本 ikedahiromi

assistance is a “+"

優選 Distinction,

Black and white hand represent the people of black and white, white hands support the frail hands of black, which means across racial discrimination, helping the weaker party brings more and better results is a "+" energy.This is an opportunity for the small and the weak, as well as for the peaceful development of the world.
by 中國大陸 文丽伟


by 中國大陸 周成宝


優選 Distinction,

Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3.287 deaths a day
by 馬其頓 Marijana Ivanova

network security

優選 Distinction,

by 中國大陸 leifengyu

Syrian refugges

優選 Distinction,

A magic carpet, also called a flying carpet (one of the stories in the One Thousand and One Nights) it is a legendary carpet that can be used to transport humans who are on it tinstantaneously or quickly to their destination. An Increasing number of Syrian refugees are fleeing across borders. It is estimated that more than four million refugees of the Syrian Civil War have left the country during the course of the war. This is not a fairy tale.
by 波蘭 Michal Tatarkiewicz

This is a murder

優選 Distinction,

《This is a murder》设计说明:动物作为人类的朋友,是自然生态圈的重要组成部分,它们与人类一同构成了和谐的生态环境大家园。然而,随着人类对野生动物的大量捕杀、非法买卖以及对资源不加限制的开发利用,使得野生动物面临着越来越恶劣的生存环境:生存空间缩小,总数减少,甚至有些野生物种正处在濒危的边缘…… 《This is a murder》系列作品通过震撼的图形表达主题,用子弹眼堆积而成的动物图形之惨烈可见一斑,呼吁大家一同行动,让我们一同努力,担负起我们的社会责任,保护动物,保护我们的生态家园,还给生灵一个生存的权利!
by 中國大陸 姚松奇


優選 Distinction,

by 中國大陸 姚松奇


優選 Distinction,

Information explosion era, a variety of media, mobile on the existence of false information, there are nasty remarks, we should believe that it is difficult to know that we should have a peaceful and honest network era.
by 中國大陸 魏锦

victory labor

優選 Distinction,

It is a public service poster with the concept of importance and rights of labor. The right to victory in exploitation, and the right to triumph over poverty.
by 韓國 Byoung il Sun

Water for our future

優選 Distinction,

It is a poster that warns of the serious water problem of the global village through a bird who wants to drink clean water trapped in a contaminated water bottle.
by 韓國 Byoung il Sun


優選 Distinction,

If you act, you get freedom. It is a message that if you respond, you will make a good society. The fist below symbolizes the root of action, and the above fist symbolizes the practice of sprouting. Frames between crossed fists symbolize interaction and freedom and posters.
by 韓國 Byoung il Sun

《Haze is the devil》

優選 Distinction,

by 中國大陸 郑颖

Celebrate The Earth

優選 Distinction,

Taking care of the infinitely small means taking care of the infinitely great. Originally assigned by the City of Paris and designed for the Fête du graphisme (Graphic design festival) in Paris, this poster is now available to public for non for profit use.
by 法國 Francois CASPAR


優選 Distinction,

by 台灣 李智崴

Fight with the smog!

優選 Distinction,

Coal use cause air pollution all around the world. Coal is used by big companies but also for individual citizens. Air pollution is responsible for death of thousands of people. The quality of life in the cities where is high amount of coal usage is really disappointing. People should stop using coal in their houses. This poster is trying to show the consequences of the coal usage and is trying to encourage people to change their habits – for better future.
by 波蘭 Bartosz Mamak


優選 Distinction,

by 中國大陸 王濱


優選 Distinction,

Without serious intervention in a very short time, our planet will suffer irreparable harm, seriously eroding its ability to support life as we know it. It is time for all countries of the world to come together in order to face this very serious threat.
by 美國 Jason Frazier