【The Jury】 Jennifer Tsai _ The jury of 2019 Taiwan International Graphic Design Award2019/6/24

Jennifer Tsai is the President and Creative Director of PROAD IDENTITY. Experienced in graphic, product and interior design as well as skilled in integrating oriental aesthetics into modern product designs. Moreover, Taiwanese cultural elements are often incorporated into her designs. Hence, Taiwan is introduced to a global platform. She made Taiwan proud by being awarded honors by two presidents for her contribution in the field of designing.


In the recent years, she has been acknowledged at numerous distinguished design awards and achieved success in branding throughout the markets of Taiwan and China. From 2012 to 2016, her designs have won her Germany's iF design award, red dot design award and Pentaward. It's an accumulation of 75 awards won so far. She has also been appointed as the judge for iF and red dot awards numerous times, making a name for herself as a Taiwanese designer.


Design strategies of an international scale and the use of culture differentiation has enabled her to establish GDS with elite design firms in Germany and the States, a platform of global vision to exchange concepts in designing and experiences in branding. The microscopic view of 'brand image in cultural creative industries' has made Chinese designers known to the world to create a globally renowned Chinese brand.
























Taiwan International Graphic Design Award contains Taiwan International Poster Design Award and Taiwan International CI Design Award. Based on regulation of international jury, we invite professional design masters across continents to be our jury group. The jury panel of the past years has come from all over around the world, including the United States, Britain, Japan, Sweden, Belgium, Hong Kong, Australia, France, Denmark and other countries. Selected all the outstanding design works for TiGDA through their professional eyes and our fair selection processes.