【The Jury】 Norito Shinmura  _ The jury of 2019 Taiwan International Graphic Design Award2019/6/12


Norito Shinmura

Norito Shinmura, a member of Tokyo ADC and Japan Graphic Designers Association, who received international awards such as Tokyo TDC, New York ADC, JAGDA New Designer Award, Brno Biennial, Good Design Award, Taiwan International Poster Design Award. He also served as a judge of Fuji ADC, New York ADC, and JAGDA. After he tenure Shin Matsunaga Design and I&S/BBDO, he established Shinmura Design Office in 1995.







Kan Tai-Keung Design Award、Aichi Ad Awards、Design Grand Prix Tohoku、Visual Art Award、Conqueror Design Contest、APA Awardなど。

日本グラフィックデザイナー協会 会員・運営委員、東京ADC会員。
















Taiwan International Graphic Design Award contains Taiwan International Poster Design Award and Taiwan International CI Design Award. Based on regulation of international jury, we invite professional design masters across continents to be our jury group.

Past juries have included members from the USA, the UK, Japan, Sweden, Belgium, Hong Kong, Australia, France, Denmark, and Australia.