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* 2015

Where Are My Rights

TGDA Award / 游明龍代表

Freedom, a fundamental human right based on the essential nature of our existance.
by Usa Marlena Buczek Smith

Unnatural Trees

評審特別獎 / 程湘如

The worldwide deforestation caused by commercial logging has been worsening at a rapid pace. And many kinds of wild animals are in danger of becoming extinct. I thought these two issues would convey strong message regarding the environmental issues. I embodied the image of unnatural world with trees and animals.
by Japan hiroyuki matsuishi



Life and relationship are inseparable. No one on earth lives from birth till death without relationships with others, even if he appears to be lonely. One roll of ribbon represents people being connected with each other on their life. The red color composes the images for blood.
by Japan AYA YAGI



The value of the illegal wildlife trade is US$ 10-20 billion per year. This would rank as among the most lucrative illicit economies in the world, behind illegal drugs and possibly human trafficking and arms trafficking.
by Other Mario Fuentes

No more GMO


GMO is a poster warning of the harm of agricultural products. Combining the sharp thorns on the skin of the potato is one of the leading GMO crops were represented by stamping the gene number. Awareness about genetically induced.
by Korea Byoung il Sun