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【The Juries】 Ying Fa Wang 2017/07/07
Ying Fa Wang is the current executive director of the Victor Branding Design corporation and has nearly 30 years of qualification in design. Mr. Wang has put forward the “Brand value development and st...... message

【The Juries】 Chi Mei Chang 2017/06/15
Chi Mei Chang is the director of the Taiwan Graphic Design Association, the creative director of the Optima Integrated Design, the audit committee in visual design of the 2017 the XXIX Summer&...... message

【The Juries】 Wei Liao 2017/06/02
Wei Liao is a graphic designer and founer of Liaoweigraphic Studio. He specializes in typography, layout and printed matter. He has produced work for art & culture exhibition, Brand Identity, book d...... message

【The Juries】 Iyama Koji 2017/06/02
Iyama Koji is a creative director and graphic designer. He graduated from Department of Graphic Design in Tama University. After working for Nippon Design Center, he founded his own “IYAMA DESIGN....... message

【The Juries】 Jennifer Tsai 2017/06/01
Jennifer Tsai is the President and Creative Director of PROAD IDENTITY. Experienced in graphic, product and interior design as well as skilled in integrating oriental aesthetics into modern product designs. ...... message