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【The Juries】 Ying Fa Wang 2017/7/7

Ying Fa Wang is the current executive director of the Victor Branding Design corporation and has nearly 30 years of qualification in design. Mr. Wang has put forward the “Brand value development and strategy thinking design module” and led the team won several International designing awards such as the IF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award in Japan and Pentawards in Belgium.

What’s more, Mr. Wang and his team also get the Grand Prize in Taiwan International Graphic Design Award in 2015 and has get the Golden Pin Design awards for three times. They were chose as the golden award in the Annual Outstanding Company Design award of the “BRAIN” magazine in Taiwan for two consecutive years. The team was also voted the Annual Best Design Team of the “Shopping Design” magazine in 2012.

Mr. Wang has served as several judges too. For instance, the judge of the package design in the 26th and the 28th Golden Melody Award, The judge of the ABND International Poster Competition in Sapporo, Japan and also the final election judge of the ASPaC Award in Japan, 2016.

His publications includes “Dan Lou –20 examples of the brand design of Taiwan” and “Dan Lou 1.5 – 18 brand x 72 package”. His works are often recorded by the yearbook, the international magazines and the media as well.

Taiwan International Graphic Design Award contains “Taiwan International Poster Design Award” and “Taiwan International CI Design Award.” Based on regulation of international jury, we invite professional design masters across continents to be our jury group.